Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton started Incredible Technologies in 1985. Both graduates of Purdue University, Hodgson and Ditton leveraged their past design and development experience from the video game industry. Early projects included the development of pinball games for Data East, and a number of consumer games on the Apple II, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga for various publishers. Within six months, the company had doubled in size, and IT's design and development skills were in continual demand.

The next few years found the company diversifying into numerous areas, including hardware and software for the original networked BattleTech system, highly acclaimed Amiga games for CinemaWare, more programming for Data East's pinball line, and operating systems and animating graphics for Brunswick's BowlerVision locations. In 1988, IT developed and manufactured an inexpensive proprietary hardware platform that controlled the company's first coin-operated amusement game, Capcom Bowling. With compelling game play and exceptional return on investment for operators, this now-classic bowling video title was a huge success and laid the groundwork for the company's future success in the on-premise (tavern) video game market.

After the success of Capcom Bowling, Incredible Technologies expanded its coin-op development efforts, adopting the brand name Strata for these internally generated products. The focus of most of these games, including the original Golden Tee Golf, Strata Bowling, HotShots Tennis, Arlington Horse Racing, and Rim Rockin' Basketball, were directed to the same audience typically found in "street" locations such as bars, taverns and restaurants. Other Strata games were also positioned for the then-active arcade market, including Time Killers, BloodStorm and NFL Hard Yardage.

In 1995, IT developed and perfected ITNet - a ground-breaking system that connected the company's video games to sophisticated servers that allowed for game and player data to be stored and tracked. This online connectivity allowed players to compete in real time against other players in skill contests and cash tournaments. ITNet remains active today utilizing modern wireless cellular technology to facilitate LIVE tournament play and YouTube™ video uploads between tens of thousands of game machines across the US, Canada, England and Australia without an Internet connection.

Since 1981 Incredible Technologies has produced and manufactured over 35 coin-op games and nearly as many software updates for their most popular titles. Eventually the Strata label was dropped and new games like Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowing and PowerPutt Golf began to appear under the Incredible Technologies name. Golden Tee Golf, IT's flagship coin-op product for nearly 25 years, is now in its fifth generation and still has a strong future ahead. Many of IT's properties have been released for video game consoles, PCs, plug-n-play devices, cell phones and apps.

o In 2005, Incredible Technologies made the strategic decision to diversify into the Class III casino gaming space with the development of innovation-inspired, ROI-driven video slot, poker and keno games for casinos in regulated jurisdictions. Their first robust gaming system, Magic Touch represented nearly six years of intense research and development and quickly gained a reputation for quality and innovation. With popular titles such as Crazy Money and King of Bling, IT's Magic Touch brand of casino games grabbed new players with exciting gaming technologies. 2014 saw the debut of IT’s latest gaming platform, Infinity®, and gaming cabinet, the Infinity® U23. Infinity U23 features Intelligent Bank Lighting, built-in digital signage support for the patented Simple Sing Display Kit, a sleek profile, digital display deck and easily accessible components. As of 2015, Incredible Technologies casino games can be found in 17 US states, the Chinese gaming capital of Macau, the Philippines, Peru, as well as the UK iGaming space.

Incredible Technologies is dedicated to continuing its successful strategy to design, manufacture and support innovative and captivating titles and brands for both the Amusement and Gaming industries.

In its over 25-year history, Incredible Technologies has been fortunate enough to create and collaborate on nearly 100 different games and software applications for various markets - which is one of the reasons it is the largest designer and manufacturer of coin-operated video games in the US.

Arcade Games

2015 – Golden Tee 2016 (IT)
2015 – MixMatch (IT)
2014 - LoonyTIX (IT)
2013 - PowerPutt LIVE 2013 (IT)
2013 - Golden Tee Golf 2014 (IT)
2013 - Golden Tee LIVE 2014 (IT)
2012 - Golden Tee Golf 2013 (IT)
2012 - Golden Tee LIVE 2013 (IT)
2012 - PowerPutt LIVE 2012 (IT)
2011 - Golden Tee Golf 2012 (IT)
2011 - Golden Tee LIVE 2012 (IT)
2010 - Golden Tee Unplugged 2011 (IT)
2010 - Golden Tee LIVE 2011 (IT)
2010 - Silver Strike LIVE (IT)
2009 - Golden Tee Unplugged 2010 (IT)
2009 - Golden Tee LIVE 2010 (IT)
2009 - Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts & Bags (IT)
2008 - Golden Tee LIVE 2009 (IT)
2008 - PowerPutt (IT)
2008 - Silver Strike Bowler's Club 2009 (IT)
2007 - Golden Tee LIVE 2008 (IT)
2007 - Target Toss Pro: Bags (IT)
2006 - Golden Tee LIVE 2007 (IT)
2006 - Silver Strike Bowler's Club 2007 (IT)
2005 - Golden Tee Fore! Complete (IT)
2005 - Call of the Wild: BBH 2006 (IT)(PlayMechanix)
2004 - Golden Tee LIVE (IT)
2004 - Silver Strike Bowling (IT)
2004 - Golden Tee Fore! 2005 (IT)
2003 - Golden Tee Fore! 2004 EXtra (IT)
2003 - Golden Tee Fore! 2004 (IT)
2003 - Touch-IT (IT)
2002 - Carnival King (IT)
2002 - Big Buck Hunter II (IT) (PlayMechanix)
2002 - Golden Tee Fore! 2003 (IT)
2001 - Big Buck Hunter Shooter's Challenge (IT) (PlayMechanix)
2001 - Golden Tee Classic (IT)
2001 - Golden Tee Fore! 2002 (IT)
2000 - Golden Tee Fore! (IT)
2000 - Golden Tee 2K (IT)
2000 - Big Buck Hunter (IT)
1999 - Golden Tee '99 Tournament Edition (IT)
1999 - Golden Tee '99 (IT)
1998 - Golden Tee '98 Tournament Edition (IT)
1998 - Golden Tee '98 (IT)
1997 - Shuffle Shot (IT)
1997 - World Class Bowling (IT)
1997 - Golden Tee '97 Tournament Edition (IT)
1997 - Golden Tee '97 (IT)
1996 - Golden Tee 3D Golf Tournament Edition (IT)
1995 - Golden Tee 3D Golf (IT)
1995 - Street Fighter "The Movie" (Capcom)
1994 - Pairs (Strata)
1994 - BloodStorm (Strata)
1993 - Driver's Edge (Strata)
1993 - Hard Yardage (Strata)
1992 - Time Killers (Strata)
1992 - Neck-N-Neck (Bundra Games)
1992 - Golden Tee Golf II (Strata)
1991 - Ninja Clowns (Strata)
1991 - Rim Rockin' Basketball (Strata)
1991 - Poker Dice (Strata)
1991 - Peggle (Strata)
1990 - Hot Shots Tennis (Strata)
1990 - Arlington Horse Racing (Strata)
1990 - Strata Bowling (Strata)
1990 - Dyno Bop (Grand)
1990 - Slick Shot (Grand)
1990 - Wheel of Fortune (Gametech)
1989 - Golden Tee Golf (Strata)
1989 - Coors Light Bowling (Capcom)
1988 - Capcom Bowling (Capcom)

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

2010 - Popcorn Report
2010 - iQuarters Lite
2010 - iQuarters
2010 - Focus Pocus


2001 - Silent Partner (Acquired by IT)
1988 - Rom-IT - EPROM Emulator (IT)


2000 - World Class Bowling (WizardWorks)
1998 - Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf (IT)
1990 - Balance of the Planet (Chris Crawford)
1990 - Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (Walt Disney)
1989 - Grave Yardage (Activision)
1989 - Harley Davidson: The Road to Sturgis (Mindscape)
1989 - Snow Strike (Epyx)
1987 - The Three Stooges (Cinemaware)

Commodore 64

1990 - Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (Walt Disney)
1989 - Snow Strike (Epyx)
1989 - Grave Yardage (Activision)
1987 - The Three Stooges (Cinemaware)

Commodore Amiga

1990 - Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (Walt Disney)
1987 - The Three Stooges (Cinemaware)


2010 - Target Toss Pro: LawnDarts (WiiWare™)
2009 - Carnival King (WiiWare™)
2008 - Target Toss Pro: Bags (WiiWare™)
1991 - American Gladiators (GameTek)


2000 - Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf (IT)

NEC Turbografx-16

1990 - Battle Royale (NEC)