PowerPutt LIVE 2013 Ships This March
New Courses and Features Encourage Long Term Play
Posted on February 12, 2013 at 11:49 PM
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Incredible Technologies is pleased to announce that an all-new software update will be released for PowerPutt LIVE this coming March. In addition, PowerPutt LIVE 2013 Showpiece cabinets, full kits and conversion packages will be available from authorized amusement distributors across the country.

PowerPutt LIVE 2013 adds five all-new 18-hole courses, bringing the total number of selectable courses to an impressive eleven. These unique and challenging courses, like all of the new game features, have been designed with longevity, variety and replay value in mind.

“Every course has literally hundreds of tee and pin placements,” said Jim Zielinski, senior game designer at IT. “This unprecedented variety will give players something new and different every time they play, and keep these courses interesting and challenging for a very long time.”

Along with new courses, a wide variety of new online features have been added to PowerPutt LIVE 2013 that are designed to engage players of every skill level and give them a reason to play often. Now players can fully customize their on-screen golfer with hundreds of unique clothing items. New clothing items are awarded for various achievements, such as for every 5th game played and every 10th Birdie. In-game badges are awarded for accomplishing dozens of game milestones, and are displayed on screens that encourage players to collect them all. Daily Cash Prize Contests offer a new challenge each day, using special tournament-only tees and pins. Players are encouraged to enter often to improve their score, as only their best game counts towards the tournament leaderboard.

And that’s not all! PowerPutt LIVE 2013 also offers Poker Putt, a fun game option where virtual playing cards are awarded for various shots. This side game is just for fun, but adds a compelling dimension to multi-player rounds. PowerPutt LIVE 2013 also comes with an optional RawTalk audio setting designed for adult locations, where the game’s announcer Jack “Putter” Thompson tells it like it is with no expletives deleted.

“We truly believe in PowerPutt LIVE and continue to support it with high-quality, cost-effective content,” said Don Pesceone, VP of Sales at IT. “This game has the widest player appeal of any we have produced, and has proven to expand the player base in a location. Now is time to get behind this product and see the results firsthand.”